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I can't compare to places like NYC, but I used to live in a small town in Louisiana, so Los Angeles seems like dating paradise from my viewpoint.

Is dating in Los Angeles more difficult than other big cities? : OkCupid

I get more messages than I can even keep up with here, compared to the few "hey" types of messages per week in my former location. With that said, I do agree that dating here can be difficult unless you live in L. There's nothing worse than talking to a really cool person and then finding out that they live 45 minutes away with traffic. I just drive to their area after traffic. Probably because I live outside the city, LA blends together as one area that's too big to ignore so I just deal with whatever logistical problems it presents because I care more about finding someone I connect with.

I've done the plan-activities-in-the-middle sort of thing because I feel bad making someone drive far. Traffic has ruined one date for me in the past though. I've found it's useful to join single's groups. For example, there are a bunch of single's hiking groups on meetup for a variety of skill levels.

It's a quick way to meet a bunch of people, see more of the city, and get a little exercise. At least on paper. Los Angeles isnt bad for canadians because we're used to having cars and 45 minutes is less than our daily average commute to our work. Plus there are more people, there is no winter, and as a result, more opportunities to meet people. Superficial people are pretty common, but with such a large dating pool, its easy to find someone. While New York is just as busy as Toronto, but there are more women than men, and they are more serious about meeting guys.

They have better subways, the bars are open later, and prices are a bit cheaper. Toronto has the worst attributes of both New york and Los Angeles. Pretty work obsessed, expensive, with a culture of social aversion try taking a ride on our subway - eerie. A case in point, it has a nickname of Toronto the cold and was rated the worst city in North America for men to meet women in.

Toronto is the hardest? I've lived here for my whole life and have never really got that impression. Absolutely - New york is like shooting fish in a barrel when I visited my friend there - it was shocking really.

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Los Angeles is even easier. I'm pretty sure the hunchback of notre-dame could get laid there for a fraction of the effort required here. Toronto is the big leagues of pua - if you can make it here - you can make it anywhere. Furthermore, toronto has produced an unusually large amount of legendary puas despite its small pop, which kinda should tell you something.

The plus side is that when Toronto guys travel outside of toronto and get acclimatized to other cities, we can really pull in quality women better than most other guys. This actually makes a lot of sense I was in europe this past summer, and managed to get girls in Madrid, Paris, Bordeaux, London and southern Germany.

I attributed it to the fact that I was foreign. Maybe I just have a well defined game haha. Thanks for the knowledge! Then I'll tell you that I met the love of my life and our relationship will last around 2 months before one of us tells the other they're not ready to be exclusive with anyone. A glorious time in which we live in where the young and hot flourish.

Then world implodes and only the ugly and ignored are prepared. Maybe not New York tho Most ladies talk to several guys at once, yet want a good hearted guy. Guys that have the ability to bone several woman, do so.. Talking to people is based off of face value, rather than what matters, which is personality, morals, goals, etc.. The field is so big, and there is so much success here, that it makes it hard to not let someone get the "fade". Women here get soooo many messages a day, that its hard to even get noticed here.

And its hard to keep someones attention since a lot of women will go out with several different people a week. I usually only date one new person at a time so that i can give it an actual chance, instead of being split on who i am with, and who i have coming up. That being said, I have women I currently sleep with and go out on dates with, but we arent exclusive, but enjoy each others company until we find the right person. I also end up having sex on almost all first dates, and Im not aggressive in any means, and am a few months sober meaning not drunken sex.

Most of these are middle of the day coffee dates that end up in bed at my house before the sun is down. These women are professionals, as I am picky. I am just a genuine person who is kind, and when i listen i actually give a shit about the persons feelings and what they are talking about. So if you arent a typical LA douchbag guy, you have a chance of meeting someone great, IF you get the date!! All the women say they dont want to see shirtless mirror pics, but expect you to be very hot, and to have a bunch of money, cause its LA, and they can easily upgrade if they are attractive.


I have actually givin up on OKC, and just look at it out of boredom, and have gone back to working on my stuff and maybe meeting someone in real life. This doesn't seem accurate at all, are these professionally unemployed women? Although the population is large social circles tend to be small and very fragmented so the selection for men and women isn't as large as it would be theoretically. Also the muscled tattooed "spiritual douchebag is king here I've seen these dudes clean up like no tomorrow.

I get a lot of downvotes in this sub, because people dont like to hear what i say, and i am blunt here and dont coddle people. Mainly asian women, as thats my preference these days. I also dont drive, and just bike and subway everywhere. I think a lot of it has to do with just being real, and being respectful and funny and having manors. Im assuming from what i have heard from women i date, most guys are kind of assholes or douches, or socially awkward and lacking in normal manors everyone should have. There are numerous subway lines and trains in LA.

I used it from work at the Studio in Culver to get home, then to downtown for dinner with a friend, and to long beach for a cycling race yesterday. I was never more then 4 blocks from any of these destinations.

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    Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? If you want to have the worst dating experience of your life, live in LA. Trust me man, they're all for it out there! Btw, I definitely have a thing for Jewish girls too.

    I'm a senior citizen. Here's what happened when I tried online dating

    That said, I'm glad we are enjoying ourselves. And unfortunately the 91 to the 5 wasn't much better. I feel your pain. However, the dating site continued to send me profiles, and there was someone I wanted to meet and I signed up again. I thought he would be a very special man; he is highly regarded and accomplished in his profession, philanthropic, exceptionally well mannered, interested in the arts. He invited me to dinner at a very fine restaurant, and I arrived first. When he walked in and took my extended hand, a euphoric calm swept over me.

    Our conversation was so easy, and halfway through dinner he invited me for the following evening, which I had to decline due to a prior commitment. He prolonged the evening, and I could hardly contain my joy in his company. I sent a follow-up thank you, but he never called, and I could not understand why. So a month later I sent him an invitation to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants.

    Singles Meetups in Santa Monica

    We started with his request to combine burrata with asparagus, which was delicious, and he selected an excellent wine that made me a bit of a zombie. The dinner was lovely, and he would not let me treat. The rest of the evening did not go as well but certainly should not have doomed the potential of a third meeting. I sent a short response and received his bio, which included his life as a kid, the death of his wife and child in a car accident, etc.

    That was followed up with another long email and a set of questions for me to answer: Do I like my looks?

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    What was my relationship with my mother? Where do I see myself in five years? Then an amusing exchange of emails over our mutual love of movie popcorn led to dinner at a favorite place of mine. But we both realized that the expected chemistry wasn't there. The next man and I had a good time at an outdoor restaurant, but we are both busy, and the distance between us is too great. I then had a coffee date at a small restaurant in Santa Monica; the man had taken a table, paid for his order before I arrived.

    I have always offered to share the bill, but this was character-revealing.

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    My next date was tall and handsome and gave me a bear hug when I walked into the restaurant. Unfortunately, he thought I was late, but he was actually a half-hour early. The next two encounters were with nice men. The first one used a photo on his profile that was probably 15 years old. The latter is a retired attorney who is now writing.