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I have already been to EPU a few times and my experience so far as been great. I'm a bit nervous about changing hospital as I was really happy with Holles St but we moved house and Holles St is too far to travel.

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I have an existing underline medical condition so not even sure Mullingar will take me as a patient. Hi frenchbebe You can go to scanme. Sheila is lovely and makes it a really special experience definitely going back for the 20 week scan. I had my daughter in Mullingar and was scanned every time I went though and I was told I wouldn't be think it just depends what doctor you get on the day. Hi Im Mullingar, I got seen at 12 weeks public.

Not getting seen again until 28 weeks! So Im having to go for a private scan at 20 weeks. My letter was sent in from my doc when I was approx 7 weeks. Im an first timer so no experience of giving birth in Mullingar. I had mine at 15 weeks too, although I went through the EPU as I had already been in there at 9 weeks. Next up is to see the consultant but waiting on the letter for that. Thought I would have got it by now as they told me at 15 weeks, that I'd see him in about 4 weeks and that was two weeks ago.

For those of you who have been to Mgar before, I know the anomoly scan isn't the norm but is there any sort of scan at 20 weeks? I'm hoping to obv make sure all is ok but also find out gender. Wondering if I'll have to book a private app elsewhere for this? I'm with Mullingar hospital too.

I waited about 3 weeks to get a letter from them even though my Doctor sent it our straight away. My appointment was then given for yesterday when I was exactly 15 weeks.

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I don't know if you've been through the whole process there before so I won't go into any details but let me know if you've any other questions. I'm going to Mullingar your appointment is usually at 15 weeks have you check that your GP sent your letter in?

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I hadn't heard from them and when I checked my letter hadn't been sent. When my letter was sent I got an appointment date within a few days.

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Post New Topic Post Reply. Threads containing Words or Phrases: Search for posts by Username: Only search the current board. Unchecking causes a search on all the Boards. Wed 22 Apr, Newest First Oldest First. Wed 26 Aug, Hi october20 thanks so much for the reassurance! Thu 30 Jul, Tue 12 May, That's funny, I'm on 3rd but first in mullingar also!

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Mon 11 May, I wonder if the desk there closes at lunchtime. My app is at 2pm. Thu 07 May, Wed 06 May, Did you all have 12 week appointment? Will I get a scan at my booking first appointment? Tue 05 May, I booked in with scanme.

Mon 04 May, Sat 02 May, Fri 01 May, I'm also a lot more nervous this time and it's my third. Fri 24 Apr, I rang my consultant today to see what the story is and he said that they dont have the facilities to do that in Mullingar but he can refer me to the Rotunda if I would like to have one done. I am private in Mullingar and I assumed all of this would be covered in the Euro I am paying. I am with vivas level 2 we plan, and I told him I was with vivas, and he said it is covered. Does anyone know if this is true as I cant seem to see that on their website?

I am with Dr. Mortell so any replies would be appreciated. Hi I was with Gannon and had to ask for the 20 week scan and they did do it at Mullingar so i don't know if this is a different scan? It cost and extra and I only got 50 back from the VHI.

I do think it is a cheek considering the amount we are paying them that this scan is not included Anyway I went to the radiology dept for this scan but gannon referred me. Not sure if Vivas cover it, but presume they will cover a portion.. Sorry to hijack, but does anyone know if I am too late to do the anomaly scan now?

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