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These programs may also include discounts at member campgrounds, RVing stores and even get-togethers with other program members.

Dating, Love and Nomadic Life: Can You Find Love While Living in YOUR Van, RV?

Many take to the road with a dog or two, and some even have cats, birds and other small pets. Take a few test runs in the vehicle to make sure your pet travels well. Before you set out on a long trip, make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and medications. Bring paperwork to prove this with you, along with a leash and collar with ID tag attached.

Arrange a comfy sleeping place for him in your trailer, and consider investing in a collapsible pen or tie-outs for outside the camper. This protects your RV against collision, and protects your liability if you hit someone with your trailer, but also insures your RV like a home against damage from weather, fire or other mishap. An RV insurance policy can also protect your belongings.

You can purchase RV insurance as a rider on your auto policy, or buy a separate RV insurance policy. But I'm sure there are GTG's all over the country if you just check. I just know about these because this is where I happen to be. But even some of the older ones are amazing. Specifically, ones I've met and have become friends with are 56, 62, and And there are a lot more out there.

I had no idea there were so many single women RV'ing alone and full time.

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Unfortunately, I have only met two men that are anywhere near my age - 55 and You gotta go where the women are, Dirk, Al, Jim and all the rest of you. Just like I'm attempting to go where the men are! That's going to be singles GTG's. Personally, I think there needs to be an RV'ers dating site. Would make things a lot easier out here. Most guys and especially most women on a dating site aren't going to want to pull up roots and hit the road.

I have a really good friend in Phoenix and he thinks I have lost my mind, being out here RV'ing full time. I'm the ONLY person he knows that does this and he just doesn't get how someone walks away from their house and being near their kids and travels all the time. And I can't convince him of what he's missing either!! He thinks he still needs to be working just because he's not 65 yet.

I told him one month of not having to get up and report into a boss, not having to cut the lawn, fight traffic, etc.

21 Questions Everyone Asks Us About Living in an RV

Sounds like you might be from Indiana. I know what you mean, but go ahead and do it. I should heed my own advice, but I do get out occasionally. There are not a lot of us in any given campground at the same time.

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So the guy next door might give you the evil eye a time or two. Good manners is the key. This is a reply to islandmamma.

I understand what you say but I'm not looking for a mother, care taker, care giver and I don't appreciate your insinuation this thread is a meat market. I understand why there are not many particaptes on this forum. Facebook is now one of the most popular sites on the Internet and is considered to be a social networking hub for people of all ages.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, even seniors.

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Facebook can be used in a variety of ways to find others that you would like to get to know better. Check out some of the many Facebook Pages and Groups to interact with other like-minded individuals. Facebook Groups are even better for meeting those who share common interests. They usually center around a common issue, cause, or activity and are a great place to share related content and post photos. There are plenty of other websites that will help you get in touch with other RVing singles.

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Some of these include:. For example, virtually all towns, whether big or small, have a senior center that allows drop-in visitors.

RVing for Singles

They offer many activities, like group outings and craft sessions, to help you meet your peers. Some recommended centers include:. If you are looking for more options in your neck of the woods, have no worries.