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It also deepens direct exchangees with third countries on bilateral measures in the area of return and reintegration. Support is currently available in the following countries: Applications will still be accepted. Contracting parties resident in the country of origin like non-governmental organization with social and humanitarian obligations to vulnerable people, allow in a trusting cooperation a new beginning in the country of origin.

The goal here is a permanent reintegration. Reintegration asssistance is granted in kind and include, for example: In addition, there are over 10, Pakistani international students who enrol and study at British universities and educational institutions each year. The Oxford University Pakistan Society is a prominent example of such an association. Since , thousands of British Pakistani graduates in Britain have been forced to work for low wages due to the rising unemployment and recession in the country.

The majority of graduates attended post universities and graduated without experience. More than 20, British Pakistani students who graduated in were still without jobs six months after graduating. Moreover, an increasing number of university graduates are opting for low-paying minimum wage positions. In alone, some 10, graduates found work as labourers, couriers, office juniors, hospital porters, waiters, bar staff, cleaners, road sweepers and school dinner servers.

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This was almost double the number in before the UK recession struck. Location has had a great impact on the success of British Pakistanis. The existence of a North-South divide leaves those in the north of England economically depressed, although there is a small concentration of more highly educated Pakistanis living in the suburbs of Greater Manchester and the West Midlands, as some Pakistani immigrants have taken advantage of the trading opportunities and entrepreneurial environment which exist in major UK cities. British Pakistanis based in large cities have found making the transition into the professional middle class easier than those based in peripheral towns.

This is due to the fact that cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Oxford have provided a more economically encouraging environment than the small towns in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

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On the other hand, the decline in the British textile boom brought about economic disparities for Pakistanis who worked and settled in the smaller mill towns following the s, with properties failing to appreciate enough and incomes having shrunk. Most of the initial funds for entrepreneurial activities were historically collected by workers in food processing and clothing factories.

By the s, British Pakistanis began dominating the ethnic and halal food businesses, Indian restaurants, Asian fabric shops, and travel agencies. The once multimillion-pound company Joe Bloggs has such an origin. Clothing imports from Southeast Asia began to affect the financial success of these mill-owning Pakistanis in the s. However, some Pakistani families based in the major cities managed to buck this trend by selling or renting out units in their former factories.

In the housing rental market, Pakistani landlords first rented out rooms to incoming migrants, who were mostly Pakistani themselves. As these renters settled in Britain and prospered to the point where they could afford to buy their own homes, non-Asian university students became the main potential customers to these landlords. By , several British Pakistanis had established low-cost rental properties throughout England. British Pakistanis are most likely to live in owner-occupied Victorian terraced houses of the inner city.

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Many first generation British Pakistanis have invested in second homes or holiday homes in Pakistan. Upon reaching the retirement age, a small number hand over their houses in Britain to their offspring and settle in their second homes in Pakistan. Investing savings in Pakistan has limited the funding available for investing in their UK businesses.

In comparison, other migrant groups, such as South Asian migrants from East Africa, have benefited from investing only in Britain. Statistics from the census show that Pakistani communities in England particularly in the North and the Midlands, are disproportionately affected by low pay, unemployment and poverty.

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In addition, several wealthy Pakistanis including prominent politicians own millions of pounds' worth of assets and properties in the UK, such as holiday homes. Amongst pupils in Key Stage 1 , In , around 3, British Pakistanis were in the highest ranking business and professional occupations, compared to 1, Bangladeshis and 10, Indians. Keeping in mind the lower class resources of Mirpuris, the rates of entry of non-Mirpuri Pakistanis into managerial or professional occupations turns out to be similar to that of British Indians.

Research by the Office for National Statistics shows that British Pakistanis are far more likely to be self-employed than any other ethnic group. Pakistani men are most likely to work in the transport and logistics industry, most as cab drivers and taxi drivers. The majority of British Pakistanis are considered to be working or middle class. The remainder were long-term unemployed, students, or not classified due to lack of data.

The film Four Lions also looked at issues of religion and extremism. BBC has news services in Urdu and Pashto. The programmes offered an insight into the lives of Pakistanis living in Britain and some of the issues faced by the community. These channels are based in Pakistan and cater to the Pakistani diaspora , as well as anyone of South Asian origin. A large proportion of newspaper vendors and newsagents in Britain are run by Indian and Pakistani families. The Pakistani newspaper the Daily Jang has the largest circulation of any daily Urdu-language newspaper in the world.

Urdu newspapers, books and other periodical publications are available in libraries which have a dedicated Asian languages service. These are free weekly newspapers aimed at all British Asians. British Pakistanis are represented in politics at all levels. Mohammad Sarwar from Labour was the first Muslim member of the British parliament , being elected for Glasgow in and serving till In , British Pakistanis were serving as elected councillors or mayors in Britain. Apart from their involvement in domestic politics, the British Pakistani community also maintains keen focus on the politics of Pakistan and has served as an important soft power prerogative in historical, cultural, economic and bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

Some of the most influential names in Pakistani politics are known to have studied, lived or exiled in the UK. The Labour Party has traditionally been the natural choice for many British Pakistanis. A poll carried out by ICM showed that 40 per cent of British Pakistanis intended to vote for Labour, compared to 5 per cent for the Conservative Party and 21 per cent for the Liberal Democrats.

Some commentators have argued that the Conservative Party has become increasingly popular with some British Pakistanis, as they become more affluent. The Conservative Friends of Pakistan aims to develop and promote the relationship between the Conservative Party, the British Pakistani community and Pakistan. Multi-millionaire Sir Anwar Pervez , who claims to have been born Conservative, [] has donated large sums to the party.

Shortly after becoming the Conservative Party leader, Cameron spent two days living with a British Pakistani family in Birmingham. Sajjad Karim is a Member of the European Parliament. He is also a member of the Friends of India and Friends of Bangladesh groups. Warsi was the shadow minister for community cohesion when the Conservatives were in opposition. She is the first Muslim and first Asian woman to serve in a British cabinet. Salma Yaqoob is the former leader of the left-wing, anti-Zionist Respect Party.

The small party has seen success in areas such as Sparkbrook in Birmingham and Newham in London, where there are large Pakistani populations. Qassim Afzal is a senior Liberal Democrat politician of Pakistani origin. There has been ubiquitous media coverage since the War on Terror , both factual and satirical, focusing on young radical British Pakistanis and the topic of Islamic extremism.

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Gareth Price, head of the Asia Program at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London stated that young British Pakistanis are more likely to be radicalised compared with other Muslim communities in Britain. The initiative has given grants and financial support to community projects. The chance of a Pakistani being racially attacked in a year is greater than 4 per cent—the highest rate in the country, along with British Bangladeshis —though this has come down from 8 per cent a year in There have been some attempts by the youngest generation of British Pakistanis to reclaim the word and use it in a non-offensive way to refer to themselves, though this remains controversial.

In riots occurred in Bradford. Two reasons given for the riots were social deprivation and the actions of extreme right wing groups such as the National Front NF. Starting in the late s, [] and peaking in the s and s, violent gangs opposed to immigration took part in frequent attacks known as " Paki-bashing ", which targeted and assaulted Pakistanis and other South Asians.

These attacks were usually referred to as either "Paki-bashing" or "skinhead terror", with the attackers usually called "Paki-bashers" or " skinheads ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about British people of Pakistani descent. For other uses, see British Pakistanis disambiguation. Ethnic group in the United Kingdom. Pakistani community of London. British Asians in politics of the United Kingdom. List of British Pakistanis. United Kingdom portal Pakistan portal.

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There are also small communities of Sindhis and Balochis in London. Retrieved 4 October Retrieved 29 August Retrieved 20 December Retrieved 23 November Retrieved 30 July Later, they left to flee the fall of Hindu kingdoms in what is today Pakistan, with many setting off from near Gilgit. Their roots date back to northern India and Pakistan in around CE. Invading forces pushed them from their homeland, starting a forced migration to today's Anatolia in western Turkey.

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Overviews and Topics; Volume II: Diaspora Communities, Volume 1. The Story of Indians in Britain ".

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